Dr. Hamid Ryan Kazemi headshotAs a prominent oral and maxillofacial surgeon with expertise in numerous niches, Hamid Ryan Kazemi enjoys sharing his insight with other professionals. He does this through various outlets, but his overall goal is always the same: to share the most informative, up-to-date information possible about dental and surgical techniques.

Dr. Kazemi is a trusted speaker for organizations on both local and national levels, such as the Millennium Dental Study club. He focuses mainly on his procedural niches (bone regeneration, wisdom teeth removal, teeth extractions, and dental implants) as well as more business-oriented topics like practice management and marketing. The latter also guides Dr. Kazemi’s prolific entrepreneurial career in coaching and mentoring all kinds of dentists. Utilizing both industry-specific knowledge and general management techniques, Dr. Kazemi helps dentists achieve and maintain the high-quality internal systems and processes they need to build up their practice. He authors and helps to implement these coaching systems, emphasizing the same high level of efficiency and appointment streamlining that makes his Oral Surgery and Dental Implants office so exceptional.

With a combination of time-tested industry standards and innovative new ideas, Dr. Kazemi uses his position as a speaker and coach to share the most effective information possible. He understands that a good practice must have end-to-end success, from hiring to practice organization to eventual marketing and building a solid online presence. A proud mentor who independently shares his advisory services with others, Dr. Kazemi has since become a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Dr. Kazemi takes his role as a dental educator very seriously, and he teaches oral surgery residents at the Washington Hospital Center, where he completed his own residency in his younger years. He also contributes to DentalXP, an online dental educational site, in numerous ways. He has given lectures for the site’s annual symposium and created original informative articles and videos that are published on the site.

Dr. Hamid Ryan Kazemi hosts educational events in Facial Art’s Implants and Smile Design Forum, which is intended for doctors who want to improve and expand their practice. In professional training courses, which last for multiple days, Dr. Kazemi does demonstrations through live surgeries and takes his participants step-by-step through crucial processes in procedures such as sinus augmentation. He also holds educational courses (which are more like traditional classes) that teach participants about dental conditions and how to prevent and/or treat them when a patient displays signs of them.